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22x22 Masaru

These intriguing shams are "Hayer Handmade" in our workshop out of a large scale patchwork plaid from Kettlewell Collection. Masaru is inspired by vintage Japanese blankets that have been patched and mended over time. *Kettlewell Collection textiles are handcrafted with care by true artisans. Due to the use of natural fibers and dyes, variances in color, repeat and width may occur. This is inherent to the nature of these fabrics and in no way constitutes a flaw.


All our fine shams come filled with preimum down inserts, please professional dry clean our shams on an as needed basis.


Main Fabric: 100% Cotton

Insert: 95% Small Feather, 5% Down  /  Down Proof Cover


Hayer Handmade, Fine Shams

We specialize in fabricating custom shams in luxury, often challenging fabrics to work with (I.E. mohairs, silks, loose weaves, thick wollen fabrics, alpacas, leathers and embroidered fabrics). We can also apply special treatments like trims, flanges, piping, and precise pattern matching.  Hayer Interiors only fabricates shams in textiles from our sourced brands, naviage to our services page to discover our world of fine fabrics.

22x22 Masaru

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