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Shamshiri Interiors


Studio Shamshiri’s richly layered, narrative-driven interiors are a tour de force of contemporary design, balancing a deep respect for the past with a profound appreciation for the rhythms and rituals of modern life.

Under the direction of Pamela Shamshiri, the firm has garnered a loyal following among design-savvy celebrities, creative entrepreneurs, and aficionados of high design across the globe. This book, the firm’s first monograph, offers a master class in design that nourishes the soul as well as the eye.

Studio Shamshiri’s signature sensibility blends California bohemian, East Coast glamour, and classic European panache to create extraordinary spaces alive with color, texture, and unapologetic beauty. From restrained modern interiors to sumptuous fantasies, each project in this lavishly illustrated volume represents a unique, self-contained world of imagination and inspiration. The through lines that bind the studio’s wide-ranging projects are a meticulous attention to detail, a palpable sense of joy and comfort, and an emotional connection to the idea of home. 

The broad spectrum of houses—historic properties, midcentury masterpieces by the likes of Rudolf Schindler and A. Quincy Jones and daring contemporary marvels—underscores the dexterity of Shamshiri’s vision. The style of every project emerges from the context of its site as well as the dreams and aspirations of the particular clients. These homes are as delightfully different and idiosyncratic as the people who inhabit them. More than simply a voyeur’s delight, this book provides invaluable lessons on the art of decorating and what it means to live a life of grace and beauty.

Shamshiri Interiors

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